Quick And Easy bicep Workout Routine

Published: 08th September 2010
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Everyone seems to be surfing the web for the best bicep workout to help them build bigger arms as quickly as possible. Yes there are a lot of effective biceps workouts on the internet, I think that it's important to place the right amount of emphasis on your biceps workouts. While it's important that you learn how to hit your biceps in an effective manner, you really shouldn't spend too much of your gym time focusing on such a small muscle group. Not only will your overall physique suffer if you spend all of your time training your biceps, but your biceps themselves will not respond to this type of over training for long. If you keep over training your biceps and ignoring the rest of the muscles on your body, then your arms will begin to respond by actually getting smaller!

In comparison to the bigger muscle groups on your body, the muscles in your upper body are tiny. Just because there is no other muscle group on your body that will grab attention quite like a big muscular pair of biceps, one of the biggest downfalls of most guys is that they spend way too much time training their biceps and too little time focusing on the bigger muscle groups on their bodies.

If you really want to build bigger arms, then you need to prioritize your training in the following order (or at least pretty close to this). First off target the bigger muscles on your body and work your way down the list.

First train your...

Legs - (quads/glutes)

Chest - (pecs)

Back - (lats)

Shoulders - (delts)




you'll want to devote a bunch of energy to hitting the larger muscle groups hard and heavy. If you do this, what you'll find is that your smaller muscle groups (like your biceps and triceps), will begin to get bigger without direct training due to the amount of anabolic hormones released by your body when you work your way through heavy sets for the bigger muscle groups on your body. So by focusing on the bigger muscles first and making them the priority in your workouts, you will begin to realize an increase in the strength and size of your arms.

Also keep in mind that when you perform many of the pulling type exercises that are required to train your back, you will be utilizing and incidentally working your biceps (typically with a much heavier weight than you otherwise would), so make sure to split up your back workouts and space them at least a day apart from your bicep workouts.

Now that you've got your muscle building program laid out appropriately and everything is in balance. Then you'll want to begin to start working in a few effective bicep workouts. Again, don't make the mistake that nearly every guy in the gym makes and work your biceps non stop - not only is it a bad idea, but it's also counterproductive to your goal of building bigger arms.

In order to build bigger biceps, you have to pair down your arm workouts to 1 arm workout per week. That's all you need to do to make your biceps grow! If you hit your biceps hard and heavy any more than this, they will begin to lose size - so try not to do it!

now that you've got a grasp of ow often you need to train your biceps and how to put your bicep workouts in the proper order, here's a quick bicep workout that can help you pack on some size on your biceps quickly without taking up a lot of your time to complete.

Start out with a few minutes of light intensity aerobics. I usually do 5 -10 minutes of light jogging or walking. Followed by a full body stretch routine. A lot of guys only stretch out the muscle groups that they'll be training for that day - I just like to stretch out the all of the muscle groups each day so that I can prevent any sort of tightening up or injury. Then jump into the warm-up sets for the bicep workout below.

Easy Bicep Workout

Warm Up Set #1:

Bicep Exercise: Alternating Dumbbell Curl - 1 set of 10 reps

Choose a training weight that allows you to move the weight quickly through a full range of motion. I typically begin with 20 lb dumbbells.

Second Warm Up Set:

Exercise: DB Curl - 1 set x 8 repetitions

Again choose a weight that allows you to move the Dumbbells fairly quickly through a full range of motion, but make sure that it is heavier than what you started with. I like to jump up to 40 lb dumbbells here.

Rest for 1.5 minutes

Warm Up Set #3:

Bicep Exercise: DB Curl - 1 set x 6 repetitions

*do this warm-up set with a weight that you can move though the full range of motion easily and under control, however this time begin to up the ante a bit. Your goal is to complete 6 reps with a weight that is close to your training weight, but light enough so that it doesn't make your biceps tired before the workout even begins. I usually jump up to 50 lb dumbbells for this warm up set.

Now rest for 2 minutes

Remember the goal of the warm up sets in this bicep workout is to simply get the blood pumping through your arms and to warm up your ligaments and tendons. That's really the only goal of the warm up sets. Make sure that you do not prematurely fatigue your biceps muscles during the warm up sets by either using weights that are too heavy or by shortening the rest intervals. If you do this your arm workout will suffer and as a result you will not be able to generate as much muscle growth as You'd otherwise be able to!

Now it's time to jump into the actual training sets for the bicep workout.

Exercise #1: Dumbbell Curl

After completing your bicep workout warm-up...

*Perform 2 sets x 6-8 reps

**Make sure to use a weight that allows you to complete the exercise with decent form, but a weight that is heavy enough that you can't perform more than 8 reps with!

*Rest for 3 minutes between sets

Bicep Exercise #2: - Incline DB Curls

*Perform 2 sets x 6-8 repetitions

Again make sure to use a weight that you can control for at least 6 quality repetitions, but heavy enough that you can't perform more than 8. This is how to force your biceps to grow. If you train with a weight that's too light, your biceps will not grow and if you train with a weight that's too heavy you're eventually going to hurt yourself.

When it comes to building bigger biceps, that's pretty much all there is to it. Learn how to prioritize your workouts to target the bigger muscle groups on your body first, and then move on to a single but intense bicep workout each week. As long as your muscle gain diet is set up right and you get enough sleep each night, you'll gain muscle mass and your biceps will get bigger!

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