Chest Dips For A More Muscular Chest

Published: 01st October 2010
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Weighted chest dips are one of those exercises that most people don't even consider when they sit down to design their pectoral workouts. While chest dips are typically thought of as a triceps building movement, the fact of the matter is that with a few small adjustments to the position of your body during the downward phase of this exercise, you can isolate you pectoral muscles and intensely train your chest!

I personally think so highly of chest dips that I try to incorporate them into every one of my chest workouts. It's an amazing movement that typically doesn't get the notoriety (as a pec exercise) that it deserves. If you're serious about packing on some real muscle mass in your pectoral muscles then you need to learn how to perform this exercise properly and make it a point to incorporate them into your upper body plan.

Even though chest dips and dips in general have been typically thought of as a body weight exercise, you really won't be able to get the biggest muscle building benefit from this exercise until you start doing chest dips with weights. However, in order to get the level of strength that you'll need in order to perform weighted dips correctly, it's a good idea to perform at least a couple of workouts of unweighted body weight chest dips in order to learn good weight lifting form and build up a level of muscular strength so that you don't actually wind up injuring yourself once you increase the training weight.

In order to incorporate weights into this exercise you're going to need a weight lifting belt that allows you to hang some form of weight between your legs. The most typical piece of equipment that see in the gyms these days is a simple weight lifting belt with two round metal rings in the front that allows you to run a chain through them and, then hang the weight on the chain. These belts can be purchased ready to go, or you can retro fit one of your own weight belts.

The biggest benefit of dips lies in the fact that you can seriously stretch your pectoral muscles during the bottom portion of this movement in a very systematic manner. This allows for more nutrient and blood flow through your chest muscles, while improving your range of motion and increasing your upper body flexibility. But you do have to be careful to not push the range of motion of this exercise, as you can injure your shoulders or tear your pectoral muscle if you're not careful.

In order to stimulate the most muscle growth chest dips and and really stimulate some amazing chest growth, you've really got to learn how to perform dips with good form. Make sure to practice this movement a few times before you even try to increase the weight. You may find that you need to build up a solid level of strength before you move on to weighted dips. If that's the case don't worry about it, just focus on doing your chest dips with good form and your strength will increase.

Here's how to perform chest dips in order to stimulate some serious pectoral development:

1.) Place your hands on the parallel bars spaced out to shoulder width

2.) Straighten your arms in order to lift your feet off of the foot stands

3.) Slowly lower your body while simultaneously tilting your upper body forward (this is what takes the emphasis off of your triceps and places the bulk of the load on to your pecs)

4.) Continue lowering your body until the bottom of your chest is even with your hands

5.) Extend your arms and push your body back to the starting position while focusing on leaning forward as much as possible.

If you want to build a bigger more muscular chest, then you've got to add weighted dips to your workouts. Not only will they help you improve the overall flexibility level of your upper body, but you will be able to stimulate your chest muscles to grow like never before!

Nick Andrade is a certified personal trainer, online fitness coach and the author of The Muscle Mass Advantage training program. If you liked these chest dips instructions and tips, check out Nick's program The Muscle Mass Advantage and learn how to build muscle mass fast!

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